Residential Leasing Agent Pre-License


This course is the first step towards obtaining a Residential Leasing Agent License.  Per Illinois license law, participated must complete 15 hours of pre-licensing topics. Topics covered include  Illinois Real Estate License Act 2000 provisions applicable to residential leasing agents, agency,  leases, advertising and marketing, applications and credit reports, property management, owner-tenant laws, the handling of funds, and environmental issues relating to residential real property.

This required course will help you to prepare for your national and state exams

Live class

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the role, responsibilities, and limitations of a residential leasing agent
  • Explain Illinois Real Estate licensing Agent 2000 provisions for residential leasing agent
  • Identify the characteristics of real estate and the rights that convey with ownership of real property
  • Identify the elements for a valid contract
  • Explains the concepts of land, real property and real estate 
  • Identify the characteristics of real estate and the bundle of right for owners
  • Differentiate among bilateral and unilateral, executed and executory, and valid, void and voidable contracts
  • Distinguish the processes involved in sponsoring and terminating a license
  • Explain the statutory duties of the agency relationship
  • Classify the four types of leasehold estates
  • Describe the requirements and general conditions of a valid lease
  • Identify the basic elements of a management agreement
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a property manager
  • Explain the various fair housing laws, rules and regulations
  • Identify fair housing laws and practices in marketing in advertising.

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